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8 thoughts on “ Inhuman

  1. adjective cruel, savage, brutal, vicious, ruthless, barbaric, heartless, merciless, diabolical, cold-blooded, remorseless, barbarous, fiendish, pitiless, unfeeling, bestial The barbaric slaughter of whales is unnecessary and inhuman.
  2. inhuman meaning: 1. extremely cruel: 2. not human in an unusual or frightening way: 3. extremely cruel. Learn more.
  3. inhumane wardens who regularly ignored the crying children in their care an inhumane dictator who tortured and murdered thousands of his own people Recent Examples on the Web In , prisoners at the Marion, Illinois, federal penitentiary staged a hunger strike against their inhumane .
  4. Unhuman definition, lacking human attributes: The unhuman figures in his earlier work were not well received. See more.
  5. Sep 01,  · The Inhumans have always been one of Marvel's most enduring oddities. A race of genetic outsiders, they live secluded in their island kingdom of Attilan, preferring not to mix with the 5/10(K).
  6. inhumane lacking humanity, kindness, compassion, etc.; cruel to animals; brutal Not to be confused with: inhuman – unfeeling, not sympathetic, savage; not suited for human beings; not human in·hu·mane (ĭn′hyo͞o-mān′) adj. Lacking pity or compassion. in′hu·mane′ly adv. in•hu•mane (ˌɪn hyuˈmeɪn; often -yu-) adj. not humane; lacking.
  7. Maximus Boltagon is the prince of the Inhumans of Attilan and is the younger brother of Black Bolt of the Inhumans of Attilan. Growing up Maximus desired to wear the crown himself and saw great flaws with Attilan's unfair caste system. Leading an uprising against his family, Maximus took the throne and banished the rest of the Inhuman Royal Family from Attilan. Maximus soon became paranoid.
  8. not having the qualities considered normal to or for human beings; unfeeling, heartless, cruel, barbarous, etc.

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