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One Side Of The Border - Simon Whetham - What Matters Is That It Matters (CD)

8 thoughts on “ One Side Of The Border - Simon Whetham - What Matters Is That It Matters (CD)

  1. "What Matters Is That It Matters", Whetham's first album for Baskaru, is slow music. And slow music deserves to be taken in slowly – you don't wolf comfort food down, you savour it, relishing its complexity, absorbing its warmth. Unlike most of Whetham's previous works, this album is not focused on a specific geographical location.
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  8. What Matters Is That It Matters, an album by Simon Whetham on Spotify. We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, One Side of the Border. 3. What Matters Is That It Matters. 4. The Innocence of Deceit. 5.

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